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What I do


I like working with teams to identify, design and execute opportunities in their products and services that resonate with their users & meet the company’s strategic goals. With a background in design and technology, I bring to the table over 10 years experience in both product side and client services.

I believe design is an approach that can be used to achieve specific outcomes. When used properly, design can range from creating insights that help guide a business to make strategic decisions, to crafting an interface or interaction pattern that will evoke a true expression of a brand.


I work with teams to identify, design and execute opportunities for your products and services that resonate with your users & meet your company’s strategic goals.


I’ve been working long enough that I have a broad set of expertise where I can get into the details and work with a team to execute effectively on a specific feature or code release, or I can step back and work at a system level with the business to help solve strategic problems at a larger scale.

My industry experience ranges from: finance (trading and consumer banking), healthcare, education & social media. I’ve come to realize over the years that my favorite challenges involve helping people communicate in new and novel ways with technology. I find technology provides humans a unique opportunity to express themselves in ways never done before and enables the sharing of new types of information.


What I live to do and how I stay busy. Mostly.

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Digital Product Creation

Formulate gratifying products and experiences that respond to user input, render across a wide range of device sizes, and adapt to changing business requirements. Expertly crafted design elements that evoke a true expression of your brand are delivered via developer team integration or toolkit handoff.

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Service Design & Strategy

Transform strategic thinking into something tangible that properly communicates value. With service design tools, create a common ground within teams from which decisions are made. Support coherency over consistency. Make guideline and asset production easier. Enable less friction in handovers to developers.


Product Design
User Experience
Interaction Design
Visual Design
Service Design
Design Strategy
Business Strategy
Customer Experience
User Research
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Audience Definition

Even great ideas need an audience to use them. Build an understanding of your audience's motivations and behaviors through design research. Drive innovative product concepts that are buildable, create traction in the marketplace, and forge connections with your users.

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Brand Definition

Obtain crystal clear alignment on your company’s objectives behind your branding message. Understand how to properly connect with your audience. Bring this knowledge together with expertly executed visual toolkits for all your branding immediate needs and down the line.


Contact me

I am currently taking on work and am open to either working as an extension of your team, or on a per project basis as a consultant. I have the ability to bring on development and design production capabilities. My value add is maximized for companies who are looking to elevate their current product or services or develop new concepts. I offer discount pricing for bulk booking – I am looking to work with companies I can develop a standing relationship with. Shoot me a note and we can talk in more detail on your needs.