My name is Jen Hicks. I’m a product & service design leader with a specialty in strategic innovation. I work with teams to identify, design and execute opportunities for your products and services that resonate with your users & meet your company’s strategic goals. With a background in design and technology, I bring to the table over 10 years experience in both product side and client services.

Founder of Killer Inc, a paper goods supply company that creates expert tools for designers written up on Fast Co Design, former VP of Product at Pager, a mobile health tech startup, former Experience Design Director at McKinsey & Co. Digital Labs, a new design-thinking consultant offering, and former Interaction Designer at frog Design in New York City.

I’ve had the privilege of working with such brands as Qualcomm, GE, American Express, Virgin, Aol, Fidelity, & more.


Selected Works

I have a broad set of expertise where I can get into the details and work with a team to execute effectively on a specific feature or code release, or I can step back and work at a system level with the business to help solve strategic problems at a larger scale.


Field Notes

Latest musings from the design & tech world